Sunday, May 20, 2018

it wasn't so long ago, that a gas station like this was a common sight

1960 Mobil gas station

selling ice cream in Paris, 1900

Vice President Nixon and the marketing campaign of Amoco against polio

Vice President Richard Nixon, a one time service station attendant, went back in the business briefly today to help the March of Dimes campaign it its drive against polio.

The Vice President spent a short time servicing cars at a gas station which contributed its day's profits to the campaign. Here, he 'services' the car of five year old Carol Vitiello, a polio victim.

I dig this idea where the grill and hood are 1940, this one looks like a mix up between a Zephyr and a Terraplane

I don't know how this much of a 50 thousand dollar VW bus real, but it'is used for bunk beds

"Big" Deal, the artist you might not be familiar with, had a big impact on the Pixar Cars movies, I only just learned

What most people may not know is back in 2002 when Pixar Studios were in the planning phase of the first of these great movies, they contacted Dave Deal. He spent two days with the artists and story writers for the movie, giving them advice and showing them how he brought his pencil and paper drawings to life.

Dave Deal was a legendary cartoonist whose work in the early days of off-road racing was seen in Road and Track magazine and many others. "Big Deal," as he was called, also built the first true racing Baja Bug in 1969 and set the last official Tijuana to La Paz "Baja record run" in 1973. Dave also drew the now famous 1971 NORRA Mexican 1000 poster art, along with countless "cartoon" ads of the early 1970s

Car enthusiast and artist David Deal, was nicknamed “Big Deal” during a stint in the Marine Corps,  did covers for CARtoons Magazine.

He was best known for creating a line of model cars in the 1970s called “Deals Wheels” and then later for work on the movie Cars, died after a battle with cancer Oct. 14 at his home in Vista, Calif. in 2008

In addition to drawing cars, Deal was an avid driver, setting an off-road record in a Volkswagen sedan in 1973. He also enjoyed hot rodding and sports-car races.

he even designed a rim for Rader just before the closed up, and though that went no where, a long time later the design made it's way to Randee Randar, who made them with blessings from Dave Deal, and they are called RDW - Real Deal Wheels. Highest quality, made in a one man shop.

unfortunately I only learned of this today, but cancer got to Randee last fall. So, if you ever have a chance to by his rims, you'll be getting high quality hand made stuff. Don't let them get away

Saturday, May 19, 2018

It might be legit, but, I find it hard to believe that it would be in this good of shape after all these years

Lions closed in December of 72...  so while it's possible that this is legit, I doubt that the paint would be in this good of condition 46 years later

It looks cool as hell though. 

check out this cool streamliner transporting rig!

to move the racing streamliner around from the end of the run to the pits to the starting line, this is one crazy cool rigged for shade transporter.

powered by a Suzuki motorcycle engine on the near side, and with racing bucket seats on both sides. 

Team McLeish Bros brought another long, low, and extended unusual car to El Mirage

last time I was at El Mirage they were racing a Triumph GT6

I didn't get a chance to see this open up and unfold, but the back looks like a mobile workshop/ viewing the races platform

perfectly aged wagon

cool little scooter at El Mirage

cool late 40s delivery van mounted on top of a semi rig and crafted to look like a COE

the Hop Up T

there weren't many cars at El Mirage today. No idea why, the temp was 72 at 11 am, the lakebed was like polished concrete, and there was very little dust